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Is a firm mattress best for low back pain?

Dec 4

The lower back pain may be aggravated by sleeping on the wrong mattress. Poor sleeping habits can result in low back pain, such as bad posture or straining the muscles.

A mattress that isn't right for you could affect your sleeping comfort. Lower back pain can be alleviated by an appropriate mattress that provides comfort and back support. It lets the spine recover and relaxes throughout the night.

It can be challenging to choose from the many mattress shops tucson. These guidelines will help those suffering from low back pain choose the right mattress to support their back and sleep at ease.

1. You have to decide what kind of mattress is the best for your needs.

The ideal mattress is one that allows you to sleep comfortably without stiffness or pain. People who suffer from lower back pain should choose a mattress that offers support, comfort, and lets them rest well.


2. Learn more about the various components of a mattress.

There are many variations in the quantity and arrangement of coils used in mattresses. There are a variety of thicknesses for mattress padding. The average mattress depth is between 7 and 18 inches. The individual's preferences will determine the type and number of coils, padding, and mattress depth.


3. Choose a mattress that offers back support.

A good mattress should be able to support the natural curves of your spine. Soreness in the muscles can be avoided by a mattress that provides sufficient support. While there isn't much information on the clinical effects of mattresses, one study has shown that medium-firm mattresses provide greater back pain relief than mattresses that have mattresses with more firmness.


4. You need to strike the right balance between the comfort of your back, back support, and comfort.

As important as adequate back support is, comfort is important when you sleep on your mattress. A mattress that is too firm can result in discomfort and pain. A mattress that is medium-firm is more comfortable because it lets your hips sink and your shoulders sink. Those who require support for their back or more comfort may prefer mattresses with more padding.


5. You can tell when it's time for a new mattress.

A mattress that is uncomfortable or has sagging at the center is an indication that it's time to get it replaced. Placing boards on top of a sagging mattress can temporarily fix it temporarily. A new mattress is necessary.


What do different types of mattresses have to do with back pain?

Memory foam mattresses mold to your body as they react to the heat and weight.



  • Even distributions of body weight that relieve pressure points.

  • Motion isolation.



  • Off-gassing

  • If you are a stomach sleeper, there is very little support.

  • Pressure points could be caused by excessive firmness.


Innerspring or coil mattresses rely on coils or springs for support.



  • Firmer support.

  • For stomach sleepers or heavy people.



  • Motion transfer.


Hybrid mattresses blend coils with an additional layer of latex or foam to offer the best of both worlds.



  • Restore pain sufferers to the firmness they want.

  • The mattresses of the innerspring are more effective in supporting the body than the innerspring ones.

  • Memory foam mattresses offer more buoyancy than other memory foam mattresses.



  • Hybrid mattresses are often very expensive.

  • Sometimes, salespeople make false claims that mattresses with more coils are better.


Latex mattresses can be made from natural or synthetic rubber.



  • It tends to be firmer than foam.

  • It is not able to heat up quickly as compared to other materials.

  • High point elasticity equals more comfort and ease from pressure points.



  • Certain people are allergic to latex.

  • Sometimes motion transfer is an issue.

  • Latex can emit an odor that is similar to the smell of wet gauze.


These mattresses are made by air-filled, adjustable chambers instead of coils, and are finished with foam.



  • You can adjust the mattress' pressure.

  • Sharing beds with a partner can offer the support they need.



  • If someone is lying down or sits on the side of an airbed that has fewer air chambers an air bubble could form.

  • It can be expensive.


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