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How to increase your mattress lifespan by 50%

Jan 5

A mattress can be considered an investment. This is why it is crucial to maintain the life of your mattress. To prolong the life of your mattress, it is crucial to take care of it. It can save you costly expenses in the future. It is also important to think about the comfort and ease it can provide. A high-quality mattress Tucson can provide you with sound sleep and support your spine. Bad mattresses can cause discomfort and poor posture. Many illnesses can be caused by a lack of sleep.

What is the normal lifespan of a mattress?

It is essential to bring the mattress in a way that provides you with proper satisfaction. Your mattress's average lifespan will be dependent on the type you pick. It is important to take these factors into account when you purchase the mattress. The lifespan of mattresses can range from 7 to 10 years. Some mattresses last for more than ten years. It's all about how well you take care of your mattress.


What could you do to increase the life expectancy of your mattress?

There are many ways you can prolong the life span of your mattress.

1. Flip & Rotate

Flipping and rotating your mattress can allow you to sleep in different locations, lessening pressure and lengthening its life. A mattress that is rotated is the area your head lies on to one side of the bed. Flipping it means that you flip it over to the opposite side.

Some mattresses don't require flipping due to the fact that they only have one side of springs. It will help if you read the label before you begin. It is crucial to examine your mattress at least twice a year in order to make sure it lasts.


2. Deodorise

An average person sweats about half a pint per night. This isn't even including the loss of skin cells. To ensure that your mattress is fresh it is important to deodorize it. Use a vacuum that has an upholstery attachment that is clean to get rid of dust, dirt, and other debris.

Next, sift baking soda over your mattress. Baking soda is completely natural and absorbs smells. Include five drops of essential oils prior to applying baking soda to your mattress to enhance the scent. To remove any smells that persist you can leave it on for 30 minutes. It should be done at least once in the season.

3. Clean sheets

Sheets may be the home of dust mites, which can lead to allergies and breathing issues. High temperatures are recommended for the washing of sheets every week. This reduces the risk of them becoming infected. Before you put your sheets on your bed, dry the sheets completely. Wet sheets increase the risk of mold or bacteria forming.


4. Mattress Cover

Mattress covers must be used for covering your sheets. They are crucial for preventing sweat and other spills that are accidental to get through your mattress. They also protect you from damp and sloppy conditions that could result in damage to the mattress's material and lead to mold formation.

To soften the feel, mattress covers may be padded with foam to give you a more relaxing night of sleep. They should be washed every month at a minimum to ensure that they stay fresh.


5. Strong Bed Base

Your mattress's lifespan is significantly affected by the bottom of your bed. It could cause mattresses to bow or sag in the event that it's not sturdy enough.

A solid bed base distributes the mattress's weight equally. If you would like to ensure that your mattress lasts longer, it is time to change the bed base.


6. Be aware of bed bugs

You can take care of your mattress and make sure that bed bugs are not infiltrating your mattress. Mattresses are the most likely victim of bed bugs.


These guidelines will assist you to prolong the life of your mattress. It is crucial to take care of your mattress in Tucson because you have paid the price for it. Your mattress's life span can be greatly extended by taking care of it with regular cleaning.

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