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Don't spend another day on a bad mattress, get a new one today

Feb 16

An unrestful night's sleep could be blamed for a raucous neighbor, your snoring partner, or a late-afternoon cup of wine or coffee. This may be accurate, but the true culprit for your lack of sleeping could be hidden at hand, or, in this case, it's on your back.


There's a problem sleeping But you're not certain whether it's due to your mattress or your sleep-deprived your bed partner. It is important to pay attention to the different signs. Some are easily seen when you look at your mattress, while others can be only felt.


How do you know when your mattress is in need of replacement?

Continue reading to discover the warning signs of a bad mattress. You may have to replace your mattress if you notice any of these symptoms.


The mattress shop Tucson has a broad selection of mattresses that will leave you feeling refreshed after a restful night's sleep. They're made with your relaxation and comfort in your mind.


  • A tired, shaky feeling will wake You Up in the Morning


Although you've had eight hours of sleep, you feel as if you've slept none at all. Does this sound familiar? This is a common scenario, but it's not the way we would like to start our day.


If you've been sleeping for eight or 18 hours, however, it doesn't affect your sleep. If you sleep on a mattress that's not comfortable is it possible that your body isn't getting enough time to rest. To rule out other reasons for your sleep issues, consider this list of poor sleep hygiene issues before blaming your mattress retailer Tucson for good.


A diet that is not well-balanced can lead to gastric discomfort, stomach pain, and digestive disorders that could hinder getting a good night's rest. each of which is detrimental to a restful and restful night.


Your sleep cycle can be affected by the fact that you do enough exercise or do not exercise enough. An intense workout prior to going to bed could cause excessive stress and have the opposite effect as compared to a workout routine with moderate intensity.


Making the excessive exposure to blue light as well as caffeine consumed late in the day and alcohol at night as well as other actions that should be avoided before the time of bed.


It is important to recognize that you may have other sleep disorders if struggling to sleep. Check your mattress for the symptoms mentioned above. If you're constantly bouncing around throughout the at night, your body could be trying to find a comfortable position for sleeping. You might need a new mattress if you are unable to find a comfy sleeping position.


  • It's difficult to get sleep.


The sleep music options you've tried aren't working, and you've decided to cut down on the amount of screen time you use at least an hour prior to bed. After all, you've tried everything you can think of. Even a deep breath is your favorite, falling asleep might be difficult if the mattress doesn't properly support your spine or give your body the firmness it needs.


A typical night's rest for an adult is between 10 and 20 minutes. You could need to sleep for up to an hour of sleep every night if a frequent sleep-deprived person.


  • You're Sneezing A Lot

Pollen is an allergen that is common, but if you're prone to having nose blows, sneezing, or getting annoyed by eye irritation, it may not be the cause. Common house allergies including dust mites could be the cause.


These tiny organisms like to dig into warm, humid spaces like mattresses and couches, which can cause a scratchy throat and skin rash.


Dust mites can be avoided by making use of our mattress. Use our mattress protector to shield your mattress. This will protect you from bugs of all kinds and other irritating irritants. It keeps your body cool and comfortable while safeguarding you from dust mites.


  • You've been sleeping on the Same Mattress for More Than Ten Years.


While some mattresses are more durable than others, for how long is a mattress likely to last? After 7 years, many may degrade in quality while being built to last at the very least for a long time. Mattress protectors can be an excellent way to extend the lifespan of your mattress. However, if haven't used one for a while or more, it's probably time to replace it.


Your mattress should last for many years. Make sure you follow the following guidelines:


  • Clean your bedding regularly.

  • You can protect your mattress with a pad or mattress protector.

  • Every three months, you should switch your mattress.

  • Reduce your pet's time sleeping on your mattress.

  • If you wish for your mattress to remain in place for a long time, a sturdy box spring or bed frame is required.


  • There is pain and aches.


It is possible to create injuries and pains to the body with mattresses? It's possible. It's possible that your mattress could be responsible for your chronic back and neck pains after you get up in the morning. With time the mattress could be less supportive, firm, and structured, which could make it difficult for you to get the rest you need.


It could also be that you're sleeping on a mattress that is too firm or your sleeping patterns don't seem to be working from the start. You might find that your mattress is too firm, too soft, or doesn't support your hips, waist, or back. It is time to search for an improved ergonomic design that can give you better quality, deeper sleep. It is important to identify your preferred sleeping style before you can choose between mattresses that are firm or plush. Next, find the Tucson mattress shop which has a variety of support zones.


  • It seems like your mattress is distributed unevenly.

It's time for a new mattress if it feels bumpy or less cushioned. Even if it's not apparent, however, you'll notice the difference when you lie on it. While it's possible to locate a flat space in the middle of your mattress however it's not always possible to do it without sinking into your mattress.


This is among the most serious mattress symptoms. It can cause sleep disruptions and even health issues.


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