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Find the perfect size mattress for your needs

May 2

When it comes to mattresses, there are so many different sizes and designs to choose from. What do you do to determine which one is best for you? This buying guide will help you pick the ideal size mattress for your needs. We'll also give you tips for finding the best prices for mattresses in Tucson AZ. Also, whether you're searching for a queen-size mattress or a twin-sized mattress, we've got you covered. Continue reading to find out more! To help you make the best choice, every size of mattress is described in more depth.


A pair of twin-sized beds


A twin-sized mattress will not be available unless it is for baby mattresses. Twin beds are great for tiny rooms or those that have small spaces. They are 38 inches wide and are 75 inches long. The XL mattresses, which are typically found in college dorms have 5 inches of additional length.


When transitioning from a crib to a "big kid" mattress, twin mattresses can be a great choice for small children and toddlers. Smaller children can have plenty of space to run around in, but they won't be overwhelmed by the new bed and won't require it to be rearranged to make room.


If you've got a small bedroom with a small bed, twin mattresses are a fantastic choice that you can inquire about at your local mattress shop.


Full-Size Mattresses


Full-size mattresses measure 15 inches wider than twin-sized mattresses and are 52 inches larger than the former. They're also the second-largest. Full-size mattresses are better suited for individuals rather than couples contrary to what is commonly believed. They're not recommended for couples as they only offer 27 inches of space and are smaller than a crib.


In the child's bedroom In a room for children, they could be useful. A full-size mattress is a good option for those who want to expand with their child as they survive through their adolescent years even though it's the most preferred option for kids. They're also great for children with siblings or who like sharing the bed with stuffed animals.

Mattresses that are large are perfect for adults who want to sleep on their own. Although they're compact enough for one person to spread out, they're roomy enough to make you feel comfortable. Many people choose a queen-sized bed because they love to spread out and also sleep with their pets.

Lastly, large mattresses are an investment worth making in guest rooms. With a queen or king-sized bed, many guest rooms are not big enough to allow for the extra space needed. While a twin bed might not be ideal for guests' comfort a full-size mattress would. These scenarios show that mattress shops located in Tucson AZ can be useful for homeowners who regularly host guests. Bedding stores as well as mattress stores offer everything you need to create a cozy space in which guests will be delighted.

Queen Size Mattresses


Queen-sized mattresses are the most frequently advertised and the most popular. They measure 60 inches wide and 80 inches in length. They're a favorite choice for newlyweds and those who need extra space.


If you are a young couple with children, a queen-sized bed is an ideal mattress for the first time. Two persons can be comfortable in this room, and it's larger than a queen. These mattresses are more affordable than king-sized mattresses. Because they are just 60 inches wide, they may not be appropriate for couples who aren't looking to share one bed.


Queen-sized mattresses offer more space than the standard sizes of mattresses and are ideal for people who sleep alone. A queen-sized mattress is ideal for those who are single person who frequently utilizes your mattress as a place for reading, working, or watching movies. Similarly, if you like to lie on your back, or curl in with your pet, a queen-sized mattress will be perfect.


King Size Mattresses


In some cases, more is more. King-sized mattresses can provide more space than standard-sized beds. They're about 16 inches wider than the standard queen in terms of length and width. The California King is a longer option if you are looking for a mattress length is 84 inches. This mattress is ideal for couples, children, and pets! They're great for families with children and couples who are looking for privacy in the principal bedroom.


The entire family can rest comfortably on mattresses that are king-sized. The addition of dogs or children (or both) to a queen-sized bed is a quick way to create overcrowding. The queen-sized beds are perfect for movie nights with the family or Sunday morning cuddles and for when someone awakes from a nightmare, preventing the sleeper from sleeping in their bed.


They are also ideal for couples who want privacy. King-sized beds provide 30% more space for sleeping than queen-sized beds, making it possible for every person to sleep comfortably. A bed that is king-sized is ideal for couples who love to read or watch movies in the bed.

What are the best ways to choose the correct size mattress for you?

When choosing the best mattress size for your needs make sure to consider your personal preferences, your lifestyle, and your preferred sleep method in mind. Before making a final choice take a trip to the mattress shops located in Tucson AZ and take a look at the different sizes available.

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