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The most frequently encountered roofing Problems and Prevention Methods

May 20


Homeowners might not consider their roofs often. When issues arise, however roofs may be brought to the front of their brain. A lot of other components of the house depend on a solid roofing. If you don't call an expert for repairs, leaks punctures and ice dams may quickly become a problem. This article will discuss some of the most frequently encountered roof issues, as well as provide suggestions for preventing them.


Leaks are the most common roofing issue. There are many ways that a roof could leak, the results are usually identical. Leaks can lead to damage to drywall, flooring as well as electrical appliances and other things. You can find the solution to a roof leak by contacting your local roofing company. There are temporary solutions to fix the leak when you have access to your roof. If you are in need of a last resort, place a bucket on top of the roof. The local roofers in Butler pa will be able to safely and effectively fix the problem.


Clogged Gutters

Gutters are usually thought of as an addition to the roof. However, they can create a variety of effects on it. Gutters are able to drain water from the roof away from the foundation and home. Unskillful gutter installation could result in leaks on the roof's edges which is where the roof is most vulnerable. Your foundation may be at risk too in the event that your drainage pipe isn't capable of transferring the water to a sufficient distance from the home.


To install your gutters be sure to hire a reliable roofing company. Keep them clear of debris by cleaning them up 3-4 times per year. It's particularly important during winter, when ineffective drainage could lead to the creation of ice dams. Piles of snow will build behind the frozen water that is stuck in the gutters, putting undue stress on your roof, compromising the structural integrity of your roof. Gutters aren't a necessary accessory.


Punctures as well as Falling Decbris

Punctures on your roof could happen for a variety reasons. Nail popping is a common cause. Temperature fluctuations could cause the roofing materials used to construct the roof to expand or shrink. This can cause nails to be loose and push against the shingles which allows water to enter easily.


Fallsing debris is a common reason for punctures. The falling branches or the debris carried by high winds can cause serious damage to the roof and threaten the lives of those within. Make sure to get your trees examined by an arborist so that you can be sure they are in good health and can withstand a tough storm.


The most well-known type of roof in the US is the asphalt shingle. They can last between 10 to 20 years. Through the years the roof can withstand extreme winds, heavy snows, floods of water and a variety of changing seasons that trigger expansion and contraction, as mentioned above.


The good news is you don't have to be a roofing company butler pa to spot the signs of a worn-out roof. It is enough to look at your roof from the ground each now and then. If you notice the shingles are missing or curling you should note them down. UV rays can lead to excessive fading, too. Mold or moss growth is another sign. It is also possible to see hairline fractures in the shingles, but that's harder to detect from the ground.

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Poor Installation

Perhaps you've recently invested in a brand new roof only to be spotting problems all over the place. If that's the case, it's possible that the roof might not have been properly installed. Poorly installed roofs can cause similar issues to the ones discussed earlier in the first year of the roof's longevity. Contact the roofing company you have hired to make use of your warranty if in effect.


Steadfast Roofing is a reliable and high-quality butler roofing service. We value customer satisfaction above everything else and this is reflected in our work. You can count on us to meet the standards you expect for your home.


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