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Avoid Planting Trees Quite Near To Your House

May 31


Trees are the real gems of any landscape. They're stunning features that can also shade your property from some of Florida's heat. It is recommended to take into consideration the health and safety of your family members as well as the property you own when maintaining trees.

Large tree roots can cause structural damage, no matter how beautiful they may be. Trees can even cause roof and exterior damages in case they are located close enough to fall over your home. If the trees you have aren't properly planted, these and many other problems could occur. You can avoid all these issues by following proper Lawn Worx tree planting guidelines to ensure that there is enough space between your trees and your house.

If trees are poorly planted, they could result in structural damage to your home

Trees can cause structural damage in a variety of ways if they are not planted correctly in your yard. Here are a few of the things you should to be aware of:


  • Large tree roots pose the biggest threat to your property. Trees are humble, small huge creatures. However, they require sufficient space to build their strong roots. No matter the amount of space they can use, trees' roots will seek ways to grow and spread beneath the soil. This is often what causes structural damage. Poorly planted trees can break up sidewalks, driveways, and even the foundations of homes.

  • Uncarefully planted trees could cause roof damage as well as clogged gutters. The branches of trees can be a threat to your roof if it grows too close to your home. As hanging branches scratch against the roof, they may increase the rate of erosion of your roofing shingles. As the tree sheds leaves dead leaves, the branches will wind into your gutters and hamper their drainage if not cleaned out. All you need to do is to seek help and support from tree removal Georgiatown.

  • Branches can damage your home's exterior. Twigs and branches from trees can cause cosmetic damages to the exterior of your home as they grow . They can also scratch against the paint. This is why only a professional tree removal service Georgetown can aid.

  • Your loved ones could be injured from dead trees. Dead branches are unpredictable and may create a risk to your family members and friends by falling off at the wrong time.

What distance from your house should trees be placed?

How far the trees should be from your home? There are a few general rules to follow when planting trees to ensure that you keep them a safe distance away from your house. These guidelines will help you keep your trees safe from potential harm. We suggest that you plant trees anywhere between 10 and 20 feet away. Specific distances that define how far a tree is needed to be from your home include the following:


  • Large trees with a mature height of 70 feet or higher are recommended to be planted 20 feet away from the home.

  • Medium-sized trees that reach a height under 70 feet should be planted at least 15 feet from your home.

  • Small trees with a size of less than 30 feet should be planted 10 feet away from your home.

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