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Why Every New Home Should Be Outfitted For Solar

Jun 3

The state of California's Title 24 law was passed in the year 2020. It requires that every new home built in the state is equipped with solar panels. Title 24 will be updated in 2022 with new legislation that requires all homes for residential use to be ready for electric power, with language and guidance on installing batteries to store energy. These requirements are the first in the US and have received criticism and even support. We now want to explain why every house should be equipped with solar power, regardless of whether laws have been passed.

The Future is the way

The most rapid-growing source of renewable energy in the United States is solar power. Advosy Energy helps to provide clean, renewable energy to millions of people each day. In the same way central air and plumbing for indoor use were at the forefront of home construction, they soon became standard, and homeowners who did not include these features in their home's design were forced to upgrade their homes.


Seamless Integration

A majority of the tasks needed by builders for a solar-equipped home can be completed during the process of building a new home. Contrarily retrofitting a house with the necessary components to incorporate solar power usually requires creative problem-solving, may drive added costs, and not be the best choice. Phoenix solar's additional advantage is that you could include the cost of installing and outfitting a solar photovoltaic panel within the loan for your home.


Better by Design

Solar is often looked at when a home is being built. This requires homeowners or architects as well as builders to look at the energy needs of their homes to ensure that they maximize the energy potential and cut down on unnecessary consumption. This can lead to long-term savings for the homeowners, reduced strain on the energy grid, and environmental benefits.


It's important to you.

This change impacts people who are members of PEC who have already taken solar or who were planning to. The benefits of solar include energy cost savings, self-sufficiency, and improved quality of the local air. This will not just affect the 6,000+ PEC solar customers but also all 350,000 members, who may be considering switching to solar using sparks from the solar installation.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that solar users' individual solar usage increases savings to homeowners as well as to utility companies, like PEC rather than reducing. Other utility companies may follow the same pattern, and homeowners will be less likely to choose solar, disregarding the many environmental and financial benefits of switching to solar.


Where are we now

Freedom Solar is here for you. We'll continue to protect our customers and make solar a cost-effective, simple choice for everyone who is able to - because our collective future is based on it. We want to ensure PEC members considering solar that solar sparks will consult you to determine whether solar is financially viable for you and offer solutions to help make it a more viable investment.


Even though solar energy rates are lower than other forms of electricity there's still some benefit to generating clean electricity to power your home. These benefits can be quantified in cents and dollars and also in the quality of air.

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