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The home where your story begins is at Proven Residence

Sep 10

The Place You Choose to Live

Provence Residence progress this is one of four residential EC sites located in Canberra Link, under the Sembawang plan area. It is also close to the Canberra MRT station that HDB offers as part of its GLS program. It is located close to the CBD, which is approximately 30 minutes away. The CBD is also near the 2bd CBD in Jurong.

Live a happy, fulfilled life

The landscapes and facilities

Your home is more than a place to sleep. It holds memories that will last a lifetime. A place where growth and wellbeing are combined to create a energised and holistic environment for you, your family and loved ones.

There are no better investments than in yourself or your family, and there is no better place to plant roots.

Explore All The Proven Homes Have To Offer

Living well is easy at Proven Residence. Relaxing is easy with 55 resident facilities that are designed to provide both physical and mental stimulation. Relax your body and mind with the many water features available. All you need to stay fit is at your fingertips.

The city's downtown and its surrounding areas | All of these are easily reachable

Everything is about location

A location that is close to you, with shopping, lifestyle and F&B establishments. Connectivity, with a network of transport that will take you wherever you need to go in just minutes.

Education is important because it's the pursuit of knowledge at all ages.

Connecting you to all the essentials

Enjoy the tranquility of living in one of Singapore's most loved neighbourhoods. The well-established roads and MRT lines make it easy for residents of Provence to get anywhere they need. You will also find all the necessary amenities, such as schools and restaurants, easily accessible.


The excellent connectivity within the neighborhood means that residents of Provence Condo have quick access to these schools. Parents have many school options to choose from for their children.